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  • Ahhh, Life!

    So, I guess life is a little like labor.  You never know when it's going to start, or exactly what it's going to throw at you.  All you can do is prepare the best you know how & actively participate as it unfolds!  

    Just a few short weeks ago, my Sweet adventurous mother in law fell & broke her hip (femur head, actually). Living with us was no longer an option as she now needs 24hour care for her hip as well as assistance with her other aging issues.  Talk about an unexpected life change!  I've been off-line for nearly 3 weeks now while trying to keep our family up & running during this transition.  I realize the love of others is so crucial to thriving during times of great challenge.  So is grace & understanding.  What a relief to know that my family is loved & cared for by so many friends & relatives!  

    I believe it is the same with women in labor & families transitioning to life at home with a new baby.  Lots of love, practical assistance & knowing when and how to set clear boundaries about what we are able and unable to provide during these seasons of change, & great challenge.  

    We are stong & we rise to the occasion.  If you (or the pregnant/new families you know) could use a bit more support, that is why Simply Birth & Baby exists.  We hope you will reach out for the love & practical assistance for your season of life!


    Carrie Anstrand-Owner