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  • Mamma On a Mission

    Mamma On a Mission

    Hey Guys,

    It's amazing how time goes by so quickly!  Here it is already June.  What happened?  My daughter just turned 7, my son is almost 5, and Boise's first Birth Education Retreat is this Saturday!  I can hardly believe it, and hope that we can all take a moment to remember to include the moments that life is all about amidst our rushing between parties and deadlines.  I must remind myself to do this enjoy the little voice of my son as he calls for me (again) and to actually look at the picture my daughter just drew for me while I'm busily meeting a deadline on the computer.  These are the moments that actually define the beauty of our lives.  Let's remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the little people.  I'm a mamma on a mission to do just that.