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  • Preparing for Baby

    I remember all the activity leading up to the birth of baby...the ever growing list of "to do's", the excitement mixed with fatigue, and the host of showers and social events.  One of the neatest stories I have heard about baby preparation was from a young couple expecting their first child.  They decided to dedicate an entire weekend to preparing their hearts and minds for baby.  Their due date was nearing, and they wanted to spend a day walking & talking about making room for their child in their every day lives; thinking about what it would be like to bring her home, and how the joy in their lives would be deepened.  I was not surprised to find out that by the end of their weekend, she had gone into labor.  All the loving connections made during that relaxed weekend as they focused on opening their lives & home to baby must have helped her body open to her baby as well.  If there is a next time for me, I want to prepare that way too.


    Carrie Anstrand, Owner