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  • Life is Beautiful

    Being included in a birth experience makes me realize I am part of something so much bigger.  I recently had the privilege of serving as a doula for a friend of mine during the birth of her third child.  As I encouraged my friend to relax her body and let the baby come, my respect for women increased with each contraction.  The strength we have within our bodies, within our selves to bring forth life and nurture life are nothing short of truly awesome; the important role of fathers and partners as they support and uphold life's most precious commodity: relationship.  From beginning to end, the birth process is an example of how we as a community can support each other.  Encouragement in the difficult moments (working through labor contractions) and vision to see the big picture (the pain will end and you will have the ultimate prize: Baby), practical support during times of need (comfort measures & words of encouragement), rejoicing in success and triumph (celebrating the birth of baby), and emotional strength for times of discouragement (postpartum emotions).  Finding the simple ways we can support each other in this life so filled with wondrous and baffling moments is what Simply Birth & Baby is all about.

    I look forward to helping you prepare for your beautiful life.

    Carrie Anstrand, Owner-Simply Birth & Baby