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  • Simply Birth & Baby Success & Happy Valentine's Day!

    Simply Birth & Baby Success & Happy Valentine's Day!

    What a beautiful day!  We had sunshine and a true spirit of excitement to share with the families who attended our retreat.  Please enjoy some snap shots of our wonderful day spent learning together, growing in our understanding of birth, and in our understanding of one another.  

    Our Simply Birth & Baby staff worked hard to create a day of ease and joy for the expectant parents who joined us.  Our prenatal yoga and relaxation sessions helped set the tone for an uplifting and tension free learning environment, and the sunshine didn't hurt either as we practiced comfort measures for labor on the gorgeous outdoor patio.  Partners had fun in a separate session with an experienced dad who gave tips on how to survive and thrive during the labor process and beyond.

    Our day was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you at our next retreat!

    Very Warmly,
    Carrie Anstrand, Owner