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  • Ahhh, Life!

    So, I guess life is a little like labor.  You never know when it's going to start, or exactly what it's going to throw at you.  All you can do is prepare the best you know how & actively participate as it unfolds!  

    Just a few short weeks ago, my Sweet adventurous mother in law fell & broke her hip (femur head, actually). Living with us was no longer an option as she now needs 24hour care for her hip as well as assistance with her other aging issues.  Talk about an unexpected life change!  I've been off-line for nearly 3 weeks now while trying to keep our family up & running during this transition.  I realize the love of others is so crucial to thriving during times of great challenge.  So is grace & understanding.  What a relief to know that my family is loved & cared for by so many friends & relatives!  

    I believe it is the same with women in labor & families transitioning to life at home with a new baby.  Lots of love, practical assistance & knowing when and how to set clear boundaries about what we are able and unable to provide during these seasons of change, & great challenge.  

    We are stong & we rise to the occasion.  If you (or the pregnant/new families you know) could use a bit more support, that is why Simply Birth & Baby exists.  We hope you will reach out for the love & practical assistance for your season of life!


    Carrie Anstrand-Owner

  • Mamma On a Mission

    Mamma On a Mission

    Hey Guys,

    It's amazing how time goes by so quickly!  Here it is already June.  What happened?  My daughter just turned 7, my son is almost 5, and Boise's first Birth Education Retreat is this Saturday!  I can hardly believe it, and hope that we can all take a moment to remember to include the moments that life is all about amidst our rushing between parties and deadlines.  I must remind myself to do this enjoy the little voice of my son as he calls for me (again) and to actually look at the picture my daughter just drew for me while I'm busily meeting a deadline on the computer.  These are the moments that actually define the beauty of our lives.  Let's remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the little people.  I'm a mamma on a mission to do just that.

  • Beautiful Boise

    What a privilege to be serving the greater Boise area!  Simply Birth & Baby is proud to be based in beautiful Boise after relocating from the Houston area.  While the climate and culture are different, the need is the same, and therefore my mission & vision are the same: To provide high quality evidence based prenatal and postpartum education and support to families locally and beyond.

    I am looking forward to working with more families from this great state as they prepare for baby.

    We are happy to be here!
    Carrie Anstrand, Owner-Simply Birth & Baby 

  • Supporting Families in our Community

    Supporting Families in our Community

    Partnering with the Tomball Pregnancy Center over the past year, Simply Birth & Baby was proud to present a day of education for them this week.  Thanks to all the beautiful people who participated in the Tomball Pregnancy Center Perinatal Education Day!  For a nominal $5 fee, mothers and couples participated in an exciting and intense 3 1/2 hour childbirth preparation course.  We practiced comfort positions for pregnancy & labor, discussed techniques to get through labor with less stress and improved outcomes, and taught ways to have healthy discussions with healthcare providers about childbirth options.

    Thanks to Tomball Pregnancy Center for a great event.  


    Carrie Anstrand, Owner-Simply Birth & Baby

  • Human Milk = Smart Food

    Did you know that there are components in breastmilk that have not yet been identified by researchers? The most basic of human nutritional substances is an enigma.  It is a smart food that changes in composition as a baby grows and develops.  And a mother of a premature infant will have different milk components than a mother of a full term infant...nature's design to meet the specific baby's needs. Simply amazing!  Need help making breastfeeding work?  Call us at Simply Birth & Baby. 

  • Enjoying the Days

    With each day of pregnancy, the heart & home find room to grow & expand for the coming baby.  As our bodies grow (and sometimes partners' too!) it helps to remember the important work that is being done.  Those last few weeks (& for some the last few months) are tough to sit tight, but baby is using every day for more brain and lung development-particularly in the last weeks of pregnancy.  Even so, it is natural to start thinking...I want this baby out now...but not really because I'm not ready for a newborn...but my back & swollen feet!  What a dilemma!  What we know through current research and recommendations from both the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the World Health Organization (WHO) is that babies are worth the wait!  Unless medically indicated, sticking with it during the uncomfortable days is best for mom & baby.  I encourage you to check it out by using the links attached for further info.  

    Best wishes for a Happy "Birth" Day!!!

    Carrie Anstrand-Owner Simply Birth & Baby 

  • Preparing for Baby

    I remember all the activity leading up to the birth of baby...the ever growing list of "to do's", the excitement mixed with fatigue, and the host of showers and social events.  One of the neatest stories I have heard about baby preparation was from a young couple expecting their first child.  They decided to dedicate an entire weekend to preparing their hearts and minds for baby.  Their due date was nearing, and they wanted to spend a day walking & talking about making room for their child in their every day lives; thinking about what it would be like to bring her home, and how the joy in their lives would be deepened.  I was not surprised to find out that by the end of their weekend, she had gone into labor.  All the loving connections made during that relaxed weekend as they focused on opening their lives & home to baby must have helped her body open to her baby as well.  If there is a next time for me, I want to prepare that way too.


    Carrie Anstrand, Owner

  • Great to Meet You!

    Simply Birth & Baby had the good fortune of volunteering at the MOM expo in The Woodlands, TX this past weekend.  Brittany and I really enjoyed meeting many families and moms in our community while volunteering at this event.  Thanks to all of you who came to our booth to say hello!  We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming retreat on the 19th.  Can't believe it is March already!

    Very Happily Yours,

    Carrie Anstrand-Owner Simply Birth & Baby

  • Life is Beautiful

    Being included in a birth experience makes me realize I am part of something so much bigger.  I recently had the privilege of serving as a doula for a friend of mine during the birth of her third child.  As I encouraged my friend to relax her body and let the baby come, my respect for women increased with each contraction.  The strength we have within our bodies, within our selves to bring forth life and nurture life are nothing short of truly awesome; the important role of fathers and partners as they support and uphold life's most precious commodity: relationship.  From beginning to end, the birth process is an example of how we as a community can support each other.  Encouragement in the difficult moments (working through labor contractions) and vision to see the big picture (the pain will end and you will have the ultimate prize: Baby), practical support during times of need (comfort measures & words of encouragement), rejoicing in success and triumph (celebrating the birth of baby), and emotional strength for times of discouragement (postpartum emotions).  Finding the simple ways we can support each other in this life so filled with wondrous and baffling moments is what Simply Birth & Baby is all about.

    I look forward to helping you prepare for your beautiful life.

    Carrie Anstrand, Owner-Simply Birth & Baby 

  • Simply Birth & Baby Success & Happy Valentine's Day!

    Simply Birth & Baby Success & Happy Valentine's Day!

    What a beautiful day!  We had sunshine and a true spirit of excitement to share with the families who attended our retreat.  Please enjoy some snap shots of our wonderful day spent learning together, growing in our understanding of birth, and in our understanding of one another.  

    Our Simply Birth & Baby staff worked hard to create a day of ease and joy for the expectant parents who joined us.  Our prenatal yoga and relaxation sessions helped set the tone for an uplifting and tension free learning environment, and the sunshine didn't hurt either as we practiced comfort measures for labor on the gorgeous outdoor patio.  Partners had fun in a separate session with an experienced dad who gave tips on how to survive and thrive during the labor process and beyond.

    Our day was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you at our next retreat!

    Very Warmly,
    Carrie Anstrand, Owner 

  • What a Privilege!

    We are so enthusiastic about the many contributors to Simply Birth & Baby.  The women in our community are so capable and compassionate.  What a privilege to work with and serve such wonderful people.  As we look toward our next event date, we hope you will consider joining us or partnering with us!  Thanks Tomball!

    Carrie Anstrand, Owner 

  • Happy Holidays from Simply Birth & Baby!

    With the New Year closing in, I think of all the beautiful things mothers do on a daily basis.  It is such a privilege and an honor to take on the challenge of motherhood.  As you embark on this new journey, or revisit it once more, I wish all of you mothers a very wonderful birth experience and fullfilling roles as mothers.  Any way we can help you prepare and meet your goals for your birth & parenting experiences, excites us and is counted our privilege.

    Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this special time in your lives!
    Carrie and the Simply Birth & Baby Team

  • Our Community is Powerful

    As we prepare for our first retreat, I have encountered so many wonderful women in support of Healthy Moms & Healthy Babies in our community!  What amazing resources right in our own back yard.  Simply Birth & Baby looks forward to working with doulas, lactation consultants, and other health care professionals in the business of serving expectant and new moms & their families.  I am amazed at the incredible response we have received in support of our endeavors to empower women and their families through evidence based education.  Join us today by becoming a partner with Simply Birth & Baby, or come to our retreat January 8th.  I look forward to seeing you there!